Wetland Restoration



Maintaining water quality and aquatic life.

Our wetlands are precious and delicate ecosystems. Sadly, due to construction, gas-line installation, or other disturbances, wetlands are often destroyed.

The removal of plant life, destruction of shoreline, or another interference can cause extraordinary damages.

Once damaged, it can be a long process for the environment to bring itself back with the efforts of just nature alone.

The experts at Peter A. Lyford Inc. can help restore balance to these areas without causing any further disruption.

Professional staff plant aquatic plants, apply appropriate ground cover, and implement erosion control to ensure the future and stability of these necessary ecosystems.

Our wetland restoration services restore critical habitats, reduce flooding, and improve water quality of affected areas. The goal of restoring wetlands is to bring back their lost functions and value, including the ability to reduce flooding, improve water quality, and provide critical habitat for a host of life forms.

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