Hydroseeding Service

Bringing lawns to life with the most modern technology.

We provide commercial and residential hydroseeding services for projects of all sizes throughout Maine. Hydroseeding is a planting process using water to apply grass seed to large areas. By mixing the seed & mulch with water, transporting it in a truck-mounted tank, and spraying it onto the area to be grown, we can provide convenient and effective service. This technique has been around for many years now, but by using the best and newest technology, we can deliver superior results!

While we can take on any project, our specialty is larger scale jobs. We complete a high volume of DOT bidded work that includes ballfields, landfills, and a variety of large, intricate projects. We have even planted fields of wildflowers! Our philosophy is to take your vision and bring it to a reality. Whatever your groundcover needs, Peter A. Lyford Inc. will respond efficiently at competitive rates. Contact us today and we can discuss how hydroseeding could benefit you and your project!


7 months ago

Peter A. Lyford, Inc
Landfills .. We do these ..

Landfills .. We do these .. ... See MoreSee Less

9 months ago

Peter A. Lyford, Inc
Flexxterra ... the downpour solution

Flexxterra ... the downpour solution ... See MoreSee Less

11 months ago

Peter A. Lyford, Inc

Some before and after pictures. Did you know that PA Lyford does private landscape/design. ... See MoreSee Less

No exactly hydroseeding, but anytime we can use it we will.. #springiscoming #roofsnowremoved

No exactly hydroseeding, but anytime we can use it we will.. #springiscoming #roofsnowremoved ... See MoreSee Less

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