Commercial Landscaping

Landscaping need? We've got the solution!

Our commercial landscaping services include snow removal, facility maintenance as well as planning, design, and installation of new landscaping needs. Depending on your commercial space, creating an ideal environment may require different services. Luckily, we do it all!

We can take you through the design process and make recommendations for the proper shubbery & vegetation types for your space, ideal placement to produce shade or allow for growth, and the most pleasing overall aesthetic look. At Peter A. Lyford Inc., we plant trees & shrubs; we institute erosion control measures; we maintain vegetation control; and we complete any other job that will give your commercial space the desired landscaping look.

With our stellar staff, high-tech machinery, and tireless work ethic, we produce beautiful results every time. Trust your project to the capable experts at Peter A. Lyford Inc. If you'd like to chat with one of our friendly professionals, get more information, or get your project started - contact us today!


7 months ago

Peter A. Lyford, Inc
Landfills .. We do these ..

Landfills .. We do these .. ... See MoreSee Less

9 months ago

Peter A. Lyford, Inc
Flexxterra ... the downpour solution

Flexxterra ... the downpour solution ... See MoreSee Less

11 months ago

Peter A. Lyford, Inc

Some before and after pictures. Did you know that PA Lyford does private landscape/design. ... See MoreSee Less

No exactly hydroseeding, but anytime we can use it we will.. #springiscoming #roofsnowremoved

No exactly hydroseeding, but anytime we can use it we will.. #springiscoming #roofsnowremoved ... See MoreSee Less

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